Sydney Sweeney to Star in New 'Barbarella'

Sydney Sweeney to Star in New 'Barbarella'

Sydney Sweeney is one of the brightest stars in young Hollywood, fully coming into mainstream consciousness with her role as Cassie Howard in the hit HBO show Euphoria. The 25-year-old has some big shoes to fill, and this time she's going to be taking on Jane Fonda's iconic Barbarella.

For those unfamiliar, Barbarella is a comic by Jean-Claude Forest that was turned into a 1968 science fiction film. The story tells of a space traveler from the 41st century that is also a representative of the United States sent to find a scientist with a weapon that can destroy all of humanity. The role is very sexual, hence why some starlets initially turned down the role until Fonda swooped in to save the day.

The controversial film also got some people very upset. The National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures condemned the film upon release, calling it a "sick, heavy-handed fantasy with nudity and graphic representations of sadism."

Sounds familiar? Kinda reminds you of some of the Euphoria criticisms, doesn't it? No official announcements have been made about a director or writer, but Sweeney will be attached as not only the star but as the executive producer.

Sony Pictures, the movie's studio, has their eye on Sweeney. They have already tapped her to star opposite Dakota Johnson in the upcoming Marvel flick Madame Webb. She will also star and produce the upcoming adaptation of The Registration, which is the story of a society where you are allowed to murder one person in your lifetime, so long as you register their name and complete it within two weeks.

Fans are excited, as it will not only bring a cult-classic to a new audience, but because Sweeney bears a striking resemblance to the original's stunning artwork.

It looks like Sweeney has her career cut out for her and she's quickly becoming a favorite of studios and fans alike.

Photo courtesy of Neil Rasmus/BFA