Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

by Shaad D'Souza

It's impossible to be across all the new music out each Friday. 2020 has proven that, even in the face of hundreds of crises, there's little that can stop artists the world over from releasing hits week-in, week-out. Luckily, PAPER is here to help you out: each week, we round up 10 of our favorite new songs from artists — emerging and established — to soundtrack your life. From the surreal to the sublime, these songs cover every corner of the music world. The only criteria: they all have to absolutely rip.

Bree Runway — "ATM (feat. Missy Elliott)"

This highlight from Bree Runway's2000AND4EVA is the kind of casual-but-confident track that can turn a hyped artist into a star. It's weird and so, so wonderful.

BABYNYMPH — "clown shit (up the wall) [SOPHIE Remix]"

In terms of remixes, SOPHIE's been on a tear this year — this is her third, after reinterpretations for SONIKKU and LIZ, FLETCHER, and Abyss X. This one, for BABYNYMPH and BAYLI, goes harder and faster than the rest, and is all the better for it.

Maluma — "Hawai (feat. The Weeknd)"

This remix of Maluma's megahit "Hawai" features The Weeknd singing in Spanish for the first time, and the honeyed, heartbroken qualities of the Canadian star's vocals certainly come through.

Sycco — "Solid Gold"

The old guard honors the new on Sycco's cover of PNAU's "Solid Gold," a reverential cover that nonetheless puts a new spin on a modern classic.

Kylie Minogue — "Real Groove"

In a week as weird and hellish as this, who better than Kylie to pull us out of a funk and onto the dancefloor?

CHAI — “Plastic Love”

Japanese four-piece CHAI are determined to revive the best of 2000s indie rock, and here they channel Franz Ferdinand into something twisted and extremely fun.

Partner Look — “Geelong”

If you need a minute or two of escapism, look no further than the debut single by Partner Look, which evokes the simple serenity of the seaside.

Miley Cyrus — “Midnight Sky (Edge of Midnight) (feat. Stevie Nicks)”

There are few collaborations in 2020 that make as much sense as this one. Miley was pretty much born to duet with Stevie.

BENEE — “Happen To Me”

The moody, indie-rock-influenced opener of BENEE's debut album showcases a darker side of the New Zealand-born pop maverick than we've seen before.

Ninajirachi & Kota Banks — “Middle Of The Night”

Ninajirachi and Kota Banks are a match made in heaven; the early singles from their collaborative project hinted at brilliance, but "Middle Of The Night" seals it.

Photo courtesy of Lusha Alic