Watch Bree Runway, Maliibu Miitch's Video For 'Gucci'

Watch Bree Runway, Maliibu Miitch's Video For 'Gucci'

In a world that often makes it difficult for Black women to remember that they're "special diamonds," Bree Runway has fashioned herself into a literal gem with her gorgeous "Gucci" music video.

An "unapologetic embrace of Black beauty and glamour," the song is an instantly addictive track that fits squarely into the East London artist's oeuvre of "hot girl pop." And paired with a fierce feature by none other than Maliibu Miitch, "Gucci" is a powerful yet playful anthem that's celebratory with plenty of cheek.

Appropriately, the visual itself is equal parts stunning and surreal, featuring Bree in a series of dazzling, editorial-ready looks. However, as Bree herself said, there's also an incredibly important purpose behind all the glitz and glam.

After all, amid continued calls for racial equity and justice, Bree hasn't forgotten that "being Black is a joy and my biggest blessing." And so, despite being "heavily reminded of the pain, the lack of privilege and trauma attach to my complexion," she's decided to continue being "her Black and excellent self" — something she re-emphasizes with the video for "Gucci."

"Instead of focusing on the pain, I chose to be excellent and luxurious. I chose to adore my skin and celebrate my African features, and to ooze opulence," she said. "I'm a special diamond, and although sometimes the world wants to rob me of that perception, I refuse to forget, and I hope everyone listening and watching feels and channels that energy. We're special. Don't you ever forget."

Watch the video for "Gucci," below.

Photo via YouTube