Sky Ferreira is 'Frustrated' By Delays in New Music

Sky Ferreira is 'Frustrated' By Delays in New Music

Sky Ferreira is getting candid about why she has not been able to release new music.

The "Everything is Embarrassing" singer has not dropped a new album since her debut, Night Time, My Time, back in 2013. Early last year, she released a much-anticipated single, “Don’t Forget," which was lauded by fans for its grungy guitars and 80s synth pop influence.

The song was reportedly part of her upcoming sophomore album Masochism, which was initially set to be released in 2015, but was delayed until 2016, 2018, 2022, and now 2023. Now, a decade since her debut album, the 30-year-old singer is asserting that the delays have not been her fault.

Taking to Instagram on January 14, Ferreira posted a snippet of an unreleased song to her feed with an all-caps caption that said, “I WANT TO PUT THIS OUT”. She followed up with an Instagram story video of her performing the track during a soundcheck in 2019.

“Look at the date. I tried to put out this song forever ago. This is not my fault and it’s not a conspiracy or whatever," she wrote in the caption of the story, adding. "I am not a hysterical/lying/lazy lunatic. I can pull up performances from 2014 of unreleased singles too. This is beyond fucked up. I am so frustrated & over it.”

"Being ‘difficult’ or ‘high strung’ doesn’t give people the right to damage & stall my career,” she continued. "I am in a difficult situation & I have to be ‘difficult’ to get through it. I have to protect my work & myself somehow? It’s not okay. If I’m not allowed to say something without consequence & the people who are supposed to do their job refuse to look out for me… How am I not going to be ‘difficult’?!?"

While her fans may have to wait a bit longer, this isn't the first time Ferreira has addressed the challenges she has faced. "I just had a lot of shitty things happen to me, like textbook shitty things,” she told Dazed in 2022. “I literally halted my career, and it’s fucked up because there are like, rumors about me or whatever … [but the label] literally blocked me from being able to work.”

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