Sky Ferreira Teases Her Long Awaited Comeback

Sky Ferreira Teases Her Long Awaited Comeback

After years of teasing, murmurs and false starts, it's finally happening: new Sky Ferreira music is coming.

Officially announcing her return with a sly "remember me?", Ferreira shared a teaser for something titled "Don't Forget" coming soon. It's unclear whether the trailer reminiscent of the THX deep note intro is referring to a new single or the name of the highly anticipated follow-up to 2013's Night Time, My Time (or possibly both), but it is the most concrete confirmation we've had to date that a new Ferreira album is actually materializing.

The teaser's arrival seems to back up Ferreira's mother's claims from back in January that new music would be out in March. And while it isn't the full album that was promised, the announcement does seem to confirm Ferreira's mother's prediction, as well as the artist's own. Last fall, Ferreira toasted a finished album on Instagram with a bottle of Martinelli's apple juice, captioning the post with the hint "it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."

"Don't Forget" could possibly mark Ferreira's first single since 2019's "Downhill Lullaby," which was advertised as the first taste of her sophomore album, Masochism. It's unclear as to whether or not, this new project is the finished version of that album or something else entirely, but what we do know is that something appears to be in the pipeline, regardless of how hazy and vague the details may be.

If we've learned anything from the Sky Ferreira Updates account, it's that being a Sky Ferreira fan is an endurance sport. Considering its been almost 10 years since the artist's debut album, it isn't really that big of an issue if we still have to wait a couple a more days, weeks or even months. Hopefully, if this trailer is any indication, it ends up being sooner rather than later but for the time being we will just have to patiently wait and see.

Photo via Getty/ Dia Dipasupil