Sky Ferreira Didn't Forget and Neither Did We

Sky Ferreira Didn't Forget and Neither Did We

The nearly decade-long wait for new Sky Ferreira music has come to an end with the release of "Don't Forget" and people are having a lot of feelings about it.

After tentatively teasing her long-awaited return over the past couple of months, Ferreira finally made good on the promise of new material yesterday with the release of her latest single "Don't Forget." Technically the second single off her forthcoming sophomore album Masochism following 2019's "Downhill Lullaby," it's difficult to say whether or not the new track lives up to the immense amount of hype that precedes it (though it's tough to imagine anything short of a virtuosic masterpiece being able to withstand that kind of pressure) but Ferreira stans seemed more than happy to have at least something to sink their teeth into.

Full of grungy guitars and the sheen of an '80s synth pop, "Don't Forget" pretty much picks up where Night Time, My Time left off. With lyrics about burning down houses and how she's a "real bad girl," Ferreira stays pretty true to the glammed up self-loathing and romantic catastrophe that made fans fall in love with her in the first place. It's a song that will make all the Tumblr girlies nostalgic for their angsty youth (and probably crave an iced coffee and a cigarette while they're at it).

And while one particular music publication was notably underwhelmed by Ferreira's return (causing its own flurry of controversy), "Don't Forget" was met by the general public with open arms. Stans took to Twitter to share reactions, with a healthy mix of memes, hot takes and pointing and laughing at the poor Rihanna fans still holding out for R9. As an added bonus, now with a renewed sense of purpose, the SkyFUpdates account is once again thriving.

Photo courtesy of Sky Ferreria