Richie Shazam, the photographer/ model/ queer activist in NYC, is working her magic for COVID relief in India.

She's selling signed 11 x 14 prints of four different $100 self-portraits with 100% of the proceeds going to Parivar Bay Area, which directly supports "our queer trans South Asian family." The organization's fundraiser will be distributing the funds to provide food kits and medical supplies across India.

This isn't Shazam's first photo sale fundraiser. Last year, she raised money for NYC COVID relief, selling out the prints in the process. "The goal of all of my work is to center the needs and the vision of my queer family." Shazam says. "My work is not only about representing queer and trans people. It is about building a space for us to flourish, heal and grow."

Prints will be on sale through May 24th and you can DM her at @richieshazam on Instagram to purchase. Shazam says, "Helping and growing our communities through mutual aid is not only the key to our survival but also our success."

Photography: Richie Shazam


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