Yes, They're Real: Behind Rebecca Black and Slayyyter's New Video

Yes, They're Real: Behind Rebecca Black and Slayyyter's New Video

If Kim Petras' viral single, "Coconuts," is any indication, we're officially entering a boob revival — and now Rebecca Black and Slayyyter have only fueled the agenda with their latest release, "Read My Mind." Directed by longtime collaborator Weston Allen, Black is back with the ultimate "bimbo girl boss fantasy" that looks painfully close to the type of distant, small town relatives we'll likely reunite with this holiday.

Everything takes place at a lonely gas station in the dead of night, where Black and Slayyyter work together — complete with trashy highlights, thin brows and bump-its, all reminiscent of Slayyyter's extremely online mixtape era. They're greeted by annoying customers, er cameos, like Lil Texas and Lil Mariko, fiending for cigarettes or late-night munchies, before the real-life motorcyclist Yuri Barrigan drops in to much fanfare.

Lyrically, "Read My Mind" is about wanting a prospective lover to understand your intentions without having to verbalize them. "We'll ride into the night/ Say my name a thousand times/ Wish you could read my mind," they sing on its dark-pop hook (evocative of The Birthday Massacre), before Slayyyter doubles down: "Do you feel the same/ We could have it made/ Feel it in my veins/ Baby, are you into me."

This new track caps off a year of significant growth for Black, having taken her viral "Friday" notoriety and transformed that into a buzzy hyperpop career with her Rebecca Black Was HereEP. She'll be joined by opener Alice Longyu Gao on tour early next year in the US, and then by AMARA ctk100 later in the spring for a European leg. Go behind the scenes of "Read My Mind," below.

Behind the Scenes

I was thrilled that Slayyyter was so game to be a part of the concept Weston Allen, who also directed the "Personal," "Worth It for the Feeling" and "Friday Remix" videos, had come up with for this song. I know many might be nervous to push themselves in the ways we did to shoot this.

Photography: Carianne Older