Rebecca Black Reclaims 'Friday'

Rebecca Black Reclaims 'Friday'

It has been exactly 10 years to the day since the world was first introduced to Rebecca Black and given a thorough run down of the days of the week. While it may not have been appreciated in its own time, in the decade since "Friday" came out the world has luckily come to recognize the important role the song and Black played in shaping the internet zeitgeist. Like many of us that grew up on "Friday," in the time since its release Black has had a glow up, come out as queer and emerged triumphant after having spent years as a meme to reclaim her space.

To mark the 10th anniversary of "Friday," Black has returned with a new remix of the viral hit with an all star line-up that includes Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, 3OH!3 and 100 gecs' Dylan Brady. Featuring a donk bassline and chipmunk vocals, the hyperpop reimagining of "Friday" feels like the most 2021 take on 2011 possible in an ouroboros of internet culture venerating itself.

The accompanying Weston Allen-directed music video is an acid trip-like homage to the original's now iconic visual. From using the same iMovie sketchbook filter to the convertible driving in front of very obvious greenscreen, Black hits all the right notes except now she's rocking a latex bodysuit, spiky jewelry, a mile-long ponytail and all the friends she's kicking it in the backseat with are rage comics. Elsewhere, Black and Electra get into a drag race, Big Freedia pops up in the sideview mirror and 3OH!3 just is the moon. It’s all incredibly freaky and over the top, but would you have it any other way?

After having to deal with years of bullying and harassment as a result of her unexpected viral fame, it’s really nice to see Black have the last laugh. Going from an unfortunate casualty of the cruel internet and a half-assed vanity label to fully owning her past and being able to turn it into something that falls more in line with who she is as an artist is inspiring. A decade later, "Friday" is now certified gold and Black is getting the recognition she serves.

Photo via YouTube