Rebecca Black Ate and Left No 'Crumbs' in New Video

Rebecca Black Ate and Left No 'Crumbs' in New Video

Now 11 years after the release of her viral meme hit "Friday," Rebecca Black has taken that attention and turned it into something beyond comprehension. Growing with her audience, Black has used her platform as a way to explore her sexuality, the trials of fame under her unique circumstances and what it means to be a queer woman of color.

Today, Black premieres the delicious new video for "Crumbs," the first single off her long-awaited forthcoming debut album, Let Her Burn. The intoxicating dance beat ebbs and flows with Black's sultry whisper-sing, inching into a moan as she explores her deepest carnal desires. Stuttering electronic breakdowns and dissonant synths usher in a club-ready sound for Black, perfect for Pride 2023.

The accompanying video is laced with some of Black's most iconic looks yet as she plays a sexy coroner donning a gorgeous bodysuit who is tending to herself. As she cuts herself open, Black serves aorta realness in an all-red ensemble. She represents the push and pull of her vulnerability as she lets viewers inside her innermost self (literally).

"As I enter this new moment, I wanted to explore the vulnerability I’ve felt in finding balance with submission, dominance, and sexuality," Black tells PAPER. "I’ve had to dive into my own body to feel the deeply powerful but also dangerous feelings of relinquishing control."

Black surprised fans with the release of her 2021 EP Rebecca Black Was Here, her first offering since 2016's RE / BL. Black has closely aligned herself with her queer identity and the fans that love her, even remixing her viral "Friday" hit with a new cast and crew that included 3OH!3, Big Freedia and Dorian Electra.

Below, watch the video for "Crumbs" and stay tuned for more details about her forthcoming album, Let Her Burn, set for a 2023 release.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Black