Rebecca Black, DAGR and LVL1 Got a Big Truck

Rebecca Black, DAGR and LVL1 Got a Big Truck

What do you get when you combine Rebecca Black, the production duo DAGR, Andalusian artist LVL1, director Luke Orlando and a bright neon green truck? Turns out, a fucking banger, that's what.

The motley crew of collaborators spearhead by producers Ceci G and Veronika Jane have joined forces for their new single, "Cafe Racer." A high octane electro barn burner, the track sees DAGR and company go full throttle for one hell of a hyperpop club banger. Throwing together an insane mix of sweltering bass-heavy beats, searing razor sharp synths and seductive vocals, "Cafe Racer" is the type of track meant to be experienced in the middle of packed dancefloor in a hot, sweaty nightclub with a blur of flashing lights, flailing limbs and throbbing speakers bombarding you on all sides.

"Cafe Racer" fittingly arrives with an equally zany, over-the-top music video, which features two tattooed weightlifters aggressively lifting, a vaguely confused shirtless man ironing and a bunch of other backseat shenanigans. "The video’s ensemble talent brought everything to another level," DAGR says. "What started as an innocent Craigslist post, turned into a day of shooting 15 brilliant characters that could truly only be found in Los Angeles. The video is hot, scary and hysterical — our project in a nutshell.”

“This song is a yassified American classic," Black says. "It's so exciting to see how DAGR brought this song to life visually — the video and all of its characters blasted this song off into the stratosphere creatively and I loved every second of riding in the bed of that slime glam truck. This song gives sexy in a way I haven’t done before and I’m thrilled to be a part.”

"I'm so glad that DAGR reached out to me for the collab on Cafe Racer," LVL1 adds. "I fell in love with it the first time I heard the demo, instantly. And it was also so natural and easy for me to write my verse, it was done in no time. We worked online for the song, as we live in different countries, but luckily this March I got to visit LA and meet both Ceci and Veronika, and Rebecca — who absolutely SLAYED in the track. They're the best, loved the experience to work with them and honestly, I'm super obsessed with the song.”

Check out the official music video for Rebecca Black, DAGR and LVL1's "Cafe Racer," below.

Photography: Lissyelle Laricchia