Rebecca Black Performed 'Friday' at PAPER x Club Quarantine
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Rebecca Black Performed 'Friday' at PAPER x Club Quarantine

Rebecca Black is having a major moment, right now. After igniting Charli XCX stans with the possibility of a future collaboration (genius, honestly), she also came out this week as queer. To celebrate her big reveal, she agreed to a late-night DJ set at Club Quarantine: the internet's nightly LGBTQ rave on Zoom. If you missed it, you missed out.

At 11:30 PM EST, the viral singer dropped into PAPER's Wednesday party, beaming from her LA home with a wine glass in-hand. After gassing up punk drag performer Allysin Chaynes' show ("That was a fucking serve"), Black kicked off her DJ set by reflecting on the past few days: "It's been a crazy week," she began." I came out. It's been so weird, because I've been out in my own personal life. You never really stop coming out, ever. So for over the past couple of years, it's been a process. But I am just stoked to have everybody know that I am one of them."

Aptly dubbed a "cultural moment within a cultural moment" by Club Q host Ceréna Sierra, Black queued up some serious bops, from Yaeji's "Waking Up Down" to the Umru remix of Slayyyter's "Mine" and Brabo's take on "Commes Des Garçons" by Rina Sawayama. (Ok, taste). At first, nobody directly addressed "Friday" (out of respect to Black, who might want to separate herself from the track that made her famous in 2011), but she thankfully snuck it into her set anyway. As the Zoom chat collectively lost its shit, Black performed each lyric with pride, before an iconic transition into Shygirl's "Uckers" and, finally, her brand new earwormy single, "Closer."

As it turns out, Black's somewhat surprisingly incredible music taste extended into stanning one of the night's rising acts: producer Himera, whom she later tweeted calling them "legendary." Himera reciprocated the compliment, and someone immediately followed up demanding that they collab. (Charli XCX featuring Rebecca Black produced by Himera?) Maybe we'll hear it on How I'm Feeling Nowcome this May.

Earlier in the night, New York's married couple Queenie and Ruby (of the glam-pop duo Sateen) spun vinyl ranging from Gloria Gaynor to early aughts Britney Spears. Queenie wore a shimmering blue bikini and danced wildly for the webcam, while Ruby handled the records in a cherry red bodysuit. They partied in honor of their new EP, Crystallized, out this week, and the couple closed out their hour-long Club Q set with the proud declaration, "We're really gay." Naturally, the chat sounded off in solidarity.

Zooming all the way from Spain, Chilean disco queen Javiera Mena added a global edge to the night, plugging her newly released power-pop anthem, "Flashback," and DJing some smooth Spanish songs. She was a perfect start to PAPER x Club Quarantine's three-hour rave, and in many ways a "kinda bizarre" pairing against Rebecca Black (as pointed out on Twitter by queer British writer Charis McGowan). But the more bizarre, the better for Club Q — besides, "the queer community has always been used to partying behind closed doors," McGowan added.

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