Rebecca Black Wants to Peg Pete Davidson
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Rebecca Black Wants to Peg Pete Davidson

In 2023, Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski dating is out, and Rebecca Black pegging Pete Davidson is in.

2022 isn’t even over and the chaos of 2023 is already taking shape for Davidson’s love life. This year we saw him date two of the year's hottest fresh divorcees, Kim Kardashian and Ratajkowski, and weather the storm of an unrelenting stream of ex-drama and media scrutiny.

With his most recent relationship rumored to have ended just a week before 2023, one would hope that Davidson’s relationship drama is behind him. But one Twitter user wants Davidson’s dating life to be even more absurd. @planntika tweeted a series of 2023 predictions including a paparazzi picture of Rebecca Black and Pete Davidson.

As we all know, Pete Davidson's paparazzi pictures are usually the precursor to a whirlwind romance.

But Black is taking the suggestion seriously. The meme-turned-pop-queen took to Twitter to reply to @planntika’s prediction and issue a stipulation.

Black quoted the tweet, adding “if pete lets me wear a strap on.”

Davidson may be the king of “BDE,” but Black is coming for the crown. There is nothing that exudes more big dick energy than publicly declaring you’d peg Pete Davidson… or at least implying as much.

The list also included predictions about a Kardashian coming out as bi, Lana Del Rey dating a woman and Timothée Chalamet saying some weird (but not necessarily bad) stuff about lesbians. If @planntika’s predictions are correct, we’re in for a weird, queer(ed) 2023.

Strap in, or strap on, for the chaos to come.

Photo courtesy of Linnea Stephan/BFA