Omar Apollo Hates Queerbaiting Claims, Loves 'Sucking Dick'

Omar Apollo Hates Queerbaiting Claims, Loves 'Sucking Dick'

Omar Apollo doesn't have time for the people questioning his sexuality.

As the internet continues to discuss the issue of straight celebrities pandering to the LGBTQ+ community, the 25-year-old musician has become the subject of queerbaiting speculation amongst some fans. And while this mostly stems from Apollo's disinterest in definitively labeling his sexuality, his recent tweets make it seem as if he's (rightfully) tired of the unfounded accusations.

It all started this past Monday when Apollo replied to a Twitter user asking whether he was in his “bi era," to which he simply responded, "dont do det." However, his answer apparently wasn't enough, as the Grammy nominee had to return to the platform later that afternoon to respond to a person wondering "is Omar Apollo another queerbaiting singer?”

“Like those type ‘I don’t label myself, let me wear cropped and paint my nails and I say I find another guy hot’ cuz I like his song but I don’t like supporting straight men doing queerbaiting,” they added. And so what did the "Evergreen" singer end up saying?

“no i b sucking dick fr," Apollo wrote, prior to adding that he likes it "from the back" in a follow-up tweet.

As Apollo told PAPER earlier this year, much of his music is informed by his "longing" to be out in high school, saying that "being gay, [my friends and I] couldn't be holding hands in the hallway at school or whatever, and a lot of them were closeted."

“It was like, ‘I want to do that. I want to have those moments. I want my parents to ask me about my relationship with a guy,’” he continued. And in fact, the entire reason he started playing music at 12 was because of his "little innocent crush" on a guitarist at his church. So in between these anecdotes, his tweets and the fact that Apollo said he was "totally about" being "very gay" in an interview with NPR, we're going to say it's safe to assume that he's definitely not queerbaiting.

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