These Penis and Vagina Bags Are Really Something

These Penis and Vagina Bags Are Really Something

Sexual references in fashion are nothing new — see Christopher Kane, Alan Crocetti and Rick Owens, to name a few — with genitalia details on the runway ranging from subtle illustrations to completely exposed privates.

But when Amsterdam-based Ninamounah showed its latest collection last week in Lisbon, the brand caught many by surprise when models carried purses engraved with actual penises and vaginas, as well as one shaped like a butt, cheeks and all.

Everything from the crotch lines to pelvic bones were incorporated in the NSFW accessories, which go as far as to recreate an actual scrotum for the penis versions. Many are rendered in nude colorways, but some also come in hues like sky blue which look quite nice with their pearl-adorned top-handles.

Stef Van Looveren, a gender-fluid multidisciplinary artist from Belgium, collaborated with Ninamounah to design these pieces. Known for their wearable "Dick," "Pussy" and "Ass" sculptures, Stef molded the genitalia bags on a variety of body types in order to be as inclusive as possible.

"The bags support their vision that 'sex' should be seen as an interchangeable, wearable accessory, something that the wearer can play around with," Van Looveren said in a statement. "Celebrating the distinction between 'sex' and 'gender.'"

It wasn't just the bags, however, that caused a stir at Ninamounah's show. They also showed the collection on models in stilts, which were worn under possibly the longest pair of pants ever shown on a runway. Standout looks included suits and shirting with boning construction, strong shoulders and pleated skirt/trouser hybrids.

See, below, for more backstage photos from Ninamounah Collection 005: Metamorphosis Part 2.

Backstage photography: Nikola Lamburov (courtesy of Ninamounah)