Ninamounah's Fetish Print Scarves Support Tblisi Pride

Ninamounah's Fetish Print Scarves Support Tblisi Pride

Earlier this year, a planned Pride march in Tblisi was cancelled after violent anti-LGBTQ protests erupted in the Georgian capital. In order to help raise funds to rebuild Tblisi Pride's headquarters, which were destroyed in the attacks, Dutch label Ninamounah released four limited-edition scarves with all proceeds going toward rebuilding efforts.

The brand teamed up with queer photographer Matt Lambert's archives on the four fetish prints that celebrate queer intimacy and sex-positivity. Tblisi Pride supports the queer community by means of direct donations, as well as helping with housing and medical costs, all of which have a direct impact on the quality of living of the local community.

On November 11, the brand hosted an exhibition at Stevenson Gallery before heading to Club Church for a night of music and drag performances by Jelle Haen and Lady Bag to celebrate the launch. (Among the four prints are "Pleasure Park," a jigsaw of soft-core images featuring a group of friends and adult performers.)

The scarves are available to order now at Ninamounah's website.

Photos courtesy of Ninamounah