Christopher Kane Devoted a Collection to Fetishes

Christopher Kane Devoted a Collection to Fetishes

Story by Kristen Bateman / Photography by Sonny Vandevelde

Balloons, rubber and crystals — these are a few of designer Christopher Kane's favorite things — that is, when it comes to exploring sexual fetishes. Kane is no stranger to exploring sexual references (remember one year ago when he cited the illustrated manual, The Joy of Sex?) in his collections, and this season he pushed that concept further by researching distinct niche fetishes. Here's everything you need to know about the collection.

Crystal Trim

Look closely at the collection and you'll see a bevy of crystal trim techniques. Sparky pieces covered collars, belts, necklines, the perimeter of bags and even the edges of technicolor sweaters.


Rubber as a fetish was explored both as a material and as a concept. Kane brought back the rubber-like liquid-filled PVC bags from 2013 and trimmed them in crystal. There was also a standout rubber coat and dresses printed with "RUBBERIST."

Flounce Fetish

Maybe it didn't have anything to do with fetishes at all, but Kane's gorgeous flounces were a highlight of the collection. In black, white, pink, navy and red, sometimes they were doubled up for extra dramatic impact.

Balloon Silhouettes

Continuing the exploration of rubber, the balloon was a topic of focus. Tops were printed with a single balloon and the phrase "looner" and multicolored balloons were all over mini dresses — some whose silhouettes ballooned out in voluminous shapes.

Lace Revival

Kane is a designer who knows lace well and often uses it to create pieces that are less prim and proper and more unconventional. This season, he and his sister Tammy (who helped him found the brand) used lace for balloon sleeves and as a subversive textile to reveal hints of skin.

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde