Fans Compare Kendall Jenner's Jacket to a 'Scrotum'

Fans Compare Kendall Jenner's Jacket to a 'Scrotum'

Kendall Jenner is serving scrotum chic.

For the past couple of days, the Kardashian-Jenners have been on a ski vacation in Aspen, Colorado, where they've been showcasing some daring designer looks on the slopes. However, Kendall's latest winter coat hasn't gone over too well with the internet, with many social media users comparing her oversized green puffer to some very big balls.

Earlier this week, the supermodel posted several photos of her high fashion fit to Instagram consisting of Loewe's $7,750 Padded Leather Bomber Jacket and a $615 faux fur headpiece by Emma Brewin, which some commenters described as a very cozy twist on a "cowboy hat." That said, fans seemed less impressed with the former, at least judging by the number of people trolling her over what they deemed to be the "ugliest jacket ever" before comparing it to everything from a "garbage bag" to a "sofa cushion in Aspen.”

“Not an attractive coat,” as one critic wrote, while several more weighed in on her look by saying things like "I JUST posted this fuckin coat on my story last week talking about how bad it is" and "Who told you that jacket was a good choice."

Granted, the vast majority joked about the coat bearing a striking resemblance to some male reproductive anatomy, with many saying that her "jacket kinda looks like a ballsack" and that the coat was "giving scrotum."

"Do your ____ hang low?," as another wrote, slyly referencing the classic ditty popular with third grade boys, who've also been known to alter the song by replacing the word "balls" with "boobs." So unsurprisingly, her IG post also led to even more trolling from those who left comments about her seemingly ample bosom, including quips about Dolly Parton and Kendall having "some heavy hangers."

Kendall has yet to address the fashion police's critique. In the meantime though, you can still check out the jacket in question for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Rachpoot / Bauer-Griffin