The Joy of Cooking (With MTN DEW)

The Joy of Cooking (With MTN DEW)

We are only nine days away from Christmas and if you're anything like the rest of us, odds are your sense of time has been completely distorted by the lockdown and you're starting to panic about how woefully underprepared you are. Well, fear not! Because the perfect last minute gift for all the gamers and gastronomers in your life is the only MTN DEW cookbook they'll ever need.

In honor of MTN DEW's 80th birthday, the beverage brand is celebrating the occasion by offering up DEW-diehards even more new and inventive ways to enjoy their favorite soda with their first ever cookbook. This affront to humanity This crowd-sourced collection features recipes for just about every occasion, from breakfast items to desserts, side dishes, main courses, snacks, sauces, drinks and more. Thanks to The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes, you can finally live out your lifelong dream of having MTN DEW for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, sunrise to sunset, all day, every day, baby!

Some of the 40-odd recipes contained in The Big Bold Book's pages include MTN DEW flavored salsas, a MTN DEW Code Red cherry pie, an anti-freeze blue drink called "Electric Lemonade," ways to marinate and season any kind of meat with MTN DEW, as well as a recipe for a slime green grilled cheese (y'know, in case you're a freak like that).

You can currently pick up your copy of The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes via The DEW Store and start planning your DEW-themed Holiday feast now.

Photos courtesy of MTN DEW