Oreos Are the Official Cookie of 'Chromatica'

Oreos Are the Official Cookie of 'Chromatica'

In a year where most of us wished we were anywhere but here, Lady Gaga dared to whisk us away to a better world: a little planet called Chromatica.

The backdrop against which her sixth studio album is set, Gaga spent the year fleshing out her cyberpunk Mad Max world through a series of visuals and making sure all the Little Monsters were adequately outfitted with everything they might need for life on Chromatica. From rain boots to jockstraps and even soap, Gaga has managed to put her official Chromatica stamp of approval on a product for practically every occasion — and now she's even got her own snack.

Today, Gaga unveiled her latest Chromatica collab with sandwich cookie brand, Oreo. The new limited edition Oreos feature pink cookies with green cream filling and are embossed with Chromatica-inspired designs. Judging from the announcement and packaging, the cookies will still be the same classic Oreo flavor for those worried they might've tasted like "Sour Candy."

In addition to the limited edition cookie, which is set to hit stores in the coming months, Gaga and Oreo are also hosting a contest for fans as a part of their "Sing It With Oreo" campaign. People are encouraged to "spread musical messages of kindness throughout the country," by recording their own Oreogram on the company's website for a chance to win a variety of swag, concert tickets and even the chance to meet Gaga in person. The contest formally kicks off December 15th, so time to warm up those vocal chords!

Photo courtesy of Oreo