Would You Eat Cicadas Covered in Hot Sauce?
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Would You Eat Cicadas Covered in Hot Sauce?

With trillions of cicada's expected to emerge this summer from their 17-year slumber to descend upon the world in a cacophonous plague, many are already beginning to dread the noisy bug hell that is headed our way — but what else is there to do? Well, if you ask a certain hot sauce brand, eating them might be an option.

Taking the brand's tagline of putting "that $#!t on everything" to a new extreme, Frank's RedHot hot sauce has rolled out a new Cicada Cookbook for those looking to find creative ways to cook up the loud little critters. The digital cookbook, available now, features 13 hot sauce and insect-based recipes for everything from Air-Fried Buffalo Cicada "Wings" to Buffalo Bug Dip and even a Spicy Cicada Bloody Mary.

The idea of frying up cicadas on the grill next to your burgers and hot dogs might be a little hard to swallow, but eating bugs is not as strange as one might first think. If you can get past the initial squeamishness of chomping through a cicada shell, there are plenty of upsides to eating insects. Most insects are a rich source of protein, chocked full of antioxidants and low in fat and carbs with less of a harmful impact on the environments compared to red meat.

Cicadas, in particular, have earned the nickname "the shrimp of the land." Plus, as a press release for the cookbook states, "The main ingredient won't be hard to find this summer."

Check out some cicada-based recipes, below.

Photos courtesy of Frank's RedHot