M.I.A. Is Entering the NFT Market

M.I.A. Is Entering the NFT Market

M.I.A. is the latest artist to enter the NFT game.

On Monday, the musician announced a 24-hour auction of "GIFTY 1." The piece is a still image taken from her "NFT GARAGE DANCE" GIF collection, which was described in a press release as a series "bookending her 25-year tenure as a digital artist."

Not only that, but M.I.A. also revealed that the "NFT GARAGE DANCE" collection would be followed by another NFT sale of her 1996 work "KALA COYN."

"KALA COYN and the GARAGE DANCE series is a living, breathing, psycho-spectral canvas that crystalizes this moment in time for me," she said in a statement. "Visually, it's a mind fuck and embodies everything I've loved about the digital art arena. It's only now that the appropriate gallery for my work finally exists."

"GIFTY 1" will be up for auction via Foundation starting on Thursday, April 8 at 4 p.m. EST. Check out the collection ahead of time, here.

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