Nathan Apodaca Is Selling His Viral 'Dreams' TikTok as an NFT
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Nathan Apodaca Is Selling His Viral 'Dreams' TikTok as an NFT

Nathan "Doggface" Apodaca is auctioning off his viral skateboarding video as an NFT.

Last year, the TikTok star shot to internet fame for the ultra-vibey clip, which is soundtracked by Fleetwood Mac's 1977 hit "Dreams" and sees him skating down a freeway ramp with a bottle of cranberry juice in hand. And now, bidders have the chance to obtain the original TikTok as an NFT — or non-fungible token — which proves ownership and authenticity by recording the sale through non-duplicable blockchain technology.

According to TMZ, Apodaca will put the video up for auction on Rarible this Friday, with bids starting at $500,000. That said, the NFT video won't include "Dreams" and will have the Ocean Spray logo blurred out from the bottle of cranberry juice. For rights reason, of course.

But what's he planning on using the money for? Well, apparently he wants to buy his parents a home and help fund a new event center in his hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho. So if you have the Ethereum to spend, know that it's going to a good cause.

Fleetwood Mac (This is the one) thanks everyone VIBE,VIBES, VIBEZZZZZZZ

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Photo courtesy of Nathan Apodaca