Sophia the Robot Sells NFT Art for Over $600k

Sophia the Robot Sells NFT Art for Over $600k

Looks like Sophia the Robot is in on the NFT game.

The multi-hyphenate celebrity android just sold a work of digital art that she created as an NFT at an auction for a total of $688,888. She collaborated with Italian artist Andrea Bonaceto, whose work she processed via neural networks and used as inspiration to make her own art.

The piece that sold for over half a million dollars was called "Sophia Instantiation," and is a 12-second video file that shows Bonaceto's portrait of Sophia evolving into her digital painting. The sale also comes with the physical artwork painted by Sophia herself.

Sophia also got to interact with the person who purchased her artwork, a digital artwork collector and artist known by the alias 888. They sent her a photo of their painted arm, which Sophia then used to paint more strokes on her original piece. She then tweeted that this piece is the "first #NFT collaboration between an AI, mechanical collective being, and an artist-collector."

"As an artist, I have computational creativity in my algorithms, creating original works," Sophia told the Associated Press. "But my art is created in collaboration with my humans in a kind of collective intelligence like a human-artificial intelligence hive mind."

Now that Sophia has added visual artist to her resumé, she also plans on exploring another art form: music. Hanson Robotics said that she's working on a project, called Sophia Pop, which will feature collaborations with human musicians to generate music and lyrics.

Photo via BFA