Megan Thee Stallion Wants to Jump on an Adele Track

Megan Thee Stallion Wants to Jump on an Adele Track

by Anna Montagner

It seems we are not the only ones who saw — and possibly partook in — last year’s viral TikTok mash-up of Adele’s 2016 song Water Under the Bridge and Megan Thee Stallion’sBody. In a recent conversation with People, the Houston rapper said that “If Adele wants me to come get on the track, be the dancer, I’m there, I’m here for it.”

Following a tweet that begged the question "How come Adele never has any backup dancers?" the TikTok fandom found a way to merge the 30 singer’s mid-tempo pop song with Megan's choreo. The highly addictive, viral dance trend somehow made complete sense and now, it could just mean the beginning of a real-life collaboration between the two power pop phenoms. According to Megan, joining forces with Adele is exactly “what the streets need. They need that collab, and they need my choreography in there, too," she said to Entertainment Tonight, adding “Adele, girl call me.”

The good news is: what Megan wants, she seems to get. “I’ve manifested Beyoncé, I feel like I have reached my ultimate goal,” she told People, recalling her Savage Remix featuring Queen B. Surely, it won’t be long before we can dance to an Adele-Megan song.


saw this on Twitter and have been hollering ever since

In the meantime, the Cry Baby singer has already found some other ways to surprise us. As she said to Entertainment Tonight, “I like to surprise the hotties. I don't like to tell them too much.” So keep an eye out during this year’s Superbowl on February 13 because Megan is going to be in a Frito-Lay's Flamin' Hot commercial.

“Being in a Super Bowl commercial in 2022, I feel like everybody keeps asking me, 'OK Megan, when did you feel like you made it?' I mean now I feel like maybe, maybe I am kinda famous,” she added. Are you ready, hotties?

Photo via Getty/ Miikka Skaffari/ WireImage