Megan Thee Stallion to Star in A24's First Movie Musical

Megan Thee Stallion to Star in A24's First Movie Musical

A24 pretty much has the market cornered on critically acclaimed spine-chilling horror and glittery award winning teen drama but it looks like the powerhouse studio is looking to branch off into the movie musical game with none other than Megan Thee Stallion leading the charge.

Considering it's their first foray into movie musical world, A24 isn't pulling any punches either, enlisting the talents of seasoned Broadway vet Nathan Lane, Bowen Yang and Megan Mullaly who are all set to star alongside Meg as well as tapping the people behind The Greatest Showman, Chernin Entertainment, to produce and co-finance the project. Plus, Marius de Vries, who's previously worked on La La Land, Moulin Rouge! and CODA, has also signed on as executive music producer too.

Written by and starring The Opposition with Jordan Klepper's Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, the musical will follow the tale of two business adversaries that realize they are identical twins and decide to pull a Parent Trap on their divorced parents and trade places in an effort to bring them together again and shenanigans ensue, albeit with a more mature twist.The screenplay is apparently based on an improv show the two used to perform along with Karl Saint Lucy at Upright Citizens Brigade.

The project is still in its early stages so there's no word yet as to when we might possibly get to see Meg bring some real Hot Girl Shit to A24's first ever musical, but we hope it's soon.

Photo via Getty/ Rich Fury