The Internet Is Shipping Megan Thee Stallion and City Girls' Yung Miami

The Internet Is Shipping Megan Thee Stallion and City Girls' Yung Miami

Could Megan Thee Stallion and Yung Miami become an item? Because the internet sure seems to think so.

Over the weekend, the "WAP" hitmaker shoot her shot with a flirty message that tagged the City Girls star.

"I was too shy to tell her in person," Megan tweeted, "But @YungMiami305 I wanna date."

And Yung Miami's response? Well, she appeared to be open to the proposition, writing alongside the eyes emoji, "I been wanted you too, so what's up?"

Obviously though, the online interaction has sent the fans into a full-on spiral, with people wholeheartedly shipping the pair by saying things like "Y'all being gay on my timeline. I LOVE IT HERE" and "I'm gonna fucking pass out I'm too gay for this shit."

Meanwhile, others used the flirtation to poke fun at both Megan and Yung Miami's male partners: Rapper Pardison Fontaine and producer Southside, respectively.

Even so, some called out Yung Miami thanks to a homophobic tweet she made about "beating" her son if she ever saw him doing "any gay shit." She eventually apologized for the post, though she later told The Breakfast Club that she has "absolutely nothing against gay people, but I wouldn't want my son to be gay." As a result, a number of people criticized her "performative bisexuality" and began expressing their subsequent "confusion" over her response.

Megan, however, has been open about her willingness to date women, previously telling fans on Instagram Live that she was "looking for a new girlfriend" and even specifying the type of women she's attracted to.

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