Disney, Please Cast Lizzo As Ursula

Disney, Please Cast Lizzo As Ursula

Rumors have been floating around that our sainted Lady Gaga, she whose star was born, is being considered for a role as Ursula in a live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid. Though Disney confirmed to Nerdist that the rumors are indeed just rumors, the news sparked something of a backlash. People think that Ursula, famously based on John Waters' drag queen muse Divine, should be played by a drag queen or plus size woman, especially a woman of color. Enter Lizzo.

Lizzo, who recently told us she wanted to become the "first fat Playboy bunny," used Twitter to submit an informal audition tape: the widely meme'd video in which she waves, says "bye bitch," and cackles while rolling away on a dolly cart.

The musician says that it's her dream to play Ursula, and we think Disney should hear her out. Considering Lizzo's towering musical talent, charisma, sense of humor, and that laugh, we can't really think of anyone who would be a better fit for the role. Except maybe Latrice Royale. That would work.

Photo via BFA