Lizzo Celebrates Weight Gain

Lizzo Celebrates Weight Gain

Lizzo is loving her new look.

On Sunday, the "Good as Hell" singer donned a brown bodysuit and stockings to show off her moves while dancing to the City Girls' "Rodeo." However, what really caught people's attention was her celebratory caption declaring "I gained weight" and "I look TF GOODT," which fans wholeheartedly agreed with in the comments section.

Amid a flood of proposals and well-deserved compliments though, several left messages thanking Lizzo for helping them embrace recent and/or post-holiday weight gain, with one fan writing, "damnnn she do look good!!"

"honestly as a person who was just feeling a little down today because of realizing the wright I gained, this is so empowering," they continued, while another simply said, "Ugh this just made me feel better I love you!"

Lizzo has always spread body positive messages and been a vocal proponent of loving yourself at any size. Unfortunately, this has also made her a target for fatphobic trolls and though she usually masterfully handles these hateful people, there have been times where she's talked about how people "unleash hatred onto" Black women, "especially us big Black girls." Granted, at least her latest post has just been all love and support.

Watch Lizzo's video for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / David Crotty / Patrick McMullan