Lizzo Is Back and It's 'About Damn Time'

Lizzo Is Back and It's 'About Damn Time'

It's been a hot minute since Lizzo dropped her Grammy Award-winning album Cuz I Love You and cemented herself as a household name. And while tracks like "Truth Hurts," "Good As Hell" and "Jerome" have been more than enough to keep us fed for the past few years, even Lizzo agrees that it's about time for something new.

The singer swung by The Late Late Show with James Corden to tease her highly anticipated follow-up with a glimpse at the new record's lead single "About Damn Time." Judging from the snippet Corden played, the new single may just be the beginning of Lizzo's disco era with groovy basslines and twinkling melodies that sound like something straight off the set of Soul Train or on the dance floor at Studio 54.

The good news for all the eager Lizzbians out there is that they won't have to wait long to hear the rest since the album is set to arrive April 14. Apart from The Late Late Show audience, the only people to have heard the forthcoming record are the singer's close friends and family, with Lizzo revealing "my mama was the last to hear it because she's a Virgo and a harsh critic." Luckily, her mother seems to have given the new album a rousing endorsement, "She cried. She loved it."

Even though it may have taken "three freaking years!" to finish, as the artist exclaimed to Corden, it's not like Lizzo hasn't been busy in the interim. Her new Amazon Prime show, Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, about the search to find Lizzo's newest back-up dancer is set to premiere this Friday and she's also ready to pull double duty as the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live! April 16.

Check out the "About Damn Time" preview and Lizzo's full interview with James Corden below.

Photography: AB+DM