Lizzo Takes Fat Shaming Comedian to Task After Winning a VMA

Lizzo Takes Fat Shaming Comedian to Task After Winning a VMA

Lizzo is getting the last laugh.

On Sunday, August 28, the chart-topping hitmaker took the stage at the 2022 VMAs to accept the "Video for Good" award on behalf of her empowering single, "About Damn Time." However, in addition to being a well-deserved nod to her celebratory anthem of self love and confidence, Lizzo's big win also ended up being great set-up for the ultimate clap back at comedian Aries Spears, who recently made headlines for mocking her body and looks during a recent interview with "The Art of Dialogue."

After being introduced by presenter Bebe Rexha, Lizzo began by making a quip about not really knowing what the fan-voted honor was for, though she did acknowledge the importance of the title before voicing her appreciation for their support. And while she also took a brief moment to encourage viewers to vote, the singer-songwriter quickly turned her focus towards "the bitches that got something to say about me in the press," which appeared to be a reference to Nicki Minaj and her legendary jab at Miley Cyrus during the 2015 VMAs.

“I’m not gonna say nothing,” Lizzo said, holding up her trophy before addressing the fans who apparently ask, “'Why don’t you clap back?'"

She answered, "Because bitch, I’m winning, hoe! Big bitch is winning, hoe!”

Though Lizzo didn't directly name Spears, it was clear she was referring to his vile remarks comparing her to "the shit emoji" and "a woman that's built like a plate of mashed potatoes," as well as his attacks on the women she's inspired to be more confident in their own bodies.

“You know what kills me about women is the hypocrisy and the contradiction,” he said before going full concern troll by listing all the health ailments people love to use when it comes to fat shaming others. So needless to say, we'd advise going ahead and enjoying the moment Lizzo completely obliterates Spears — available via her very own Twitter feed, no less.

Watch Lizzo's acceptance speech for yourself below.

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