Take a Bite of Dai Burger's 'Dessert' EP

Take a Bite of Dai Burger's 'Dessert' EP

Dai Burger entered 2020 with her tasty album, Bite the Burger, but she didn't forget about the final — and most delicious — course. The Queens rapper is returning this Friday, July 31, with her five-track Desserts EP, which Burger describes as the "perfect follow-up" to her last LP. "It's twerkalicious meets gritty," she says. "Quarantine meets cuteness. It's summer in a nutshell."

The concept EP was executive produced by SAINT and, much like Bite the Burger (which featured Cakes Da Killa), Burger brings out all her friends for the "sticky and nasty" feast. In June, Burger released "Naomi Walk" alongside Chicago's breakout rap star Kid Kenn, with an undeniable hook: "Naomi walk, Naomi walk/ We got the moves, they just all talk." On the hilarious closer "Whew Chile," TT the Artist also jumps on Burger's beat.

The entire project is like a candy shop full of desire, as Burger flings playful, cocky lyrics that compare herself to soufleés and other delectable sweets. "Get a little taste of the cookies and the cream," she purrs on the title track, which acts as a thesis and features a distorted ice cream truck jingle. But after luring us in, Burger reminds that we can look but not touch on "Deluxx," her newest single with a more hypnotic, slow-burning approach.

Burger's best lyrics, though — and the ones that would be screamed if NYC clubs were still open — happen on "Go Off" when she raps, "Femmes, cunts, dykes and queens, shake that asses, cash is king/ Girls, boys, in between, fuck it up sis, better do that thing."

Listen to the PAPER premiere of Dai Burger's Dessert EP, below, and read the rapper's track-by-track breakdown of her newest, tasty offering.


Sticky and nasty! This track gives you a preview of all the goodness on the way.


This is probably my favorite track on the EP. It gives me Cali vibes with a NY approach, which is what you can usually expect from myself and Saint.

"Naomi Walk" 

This track makes me feel so fierce and feminine. It's the perfect song to rip a runway to. Shout out to Kidd Kenn featured on this track. He really went in, love him.

"Go Off"

THIS TRACK IS SUCH AN ANTHEM. You can't hear this song and not GO AWFF!

"Whew Chile"

Me and my girl TT the Artist had to call all the cappers out! We see y'all fronting, so this song's for you! Such a bop.

Dai Burger's Dessert EP is out Friday, July 31.

Photos courtesy of Dai Burger


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