There's a Dark Side to Betsy's 'Sugar Daddy' Love

There's a Dark Side to Betsy's 'Sugar Daddy' Love

Like the best things in life, Betsy's new slow-burning single is all about her "unhealthy obsession." And with a title like "Sugar Daddy," it's clear the Welsh musician — whose voice beautifully bellows like Cher after hitting a joint — is tackling love through the lens of complicated emotion.

Where most songs about a fixed romantic relationship see the singer falling to their knees for any crumb of coin, the title track off Betsy's new EP is actually centered on the opposite: real "endless" love — the kind filled with cinematic dates and that silly little thing called trust.

"There ain't enough money/ In the whole damn world/ For me to turn him down," she sings in that signature low vibrato, before repeating on the post-chorus, "Maybe you're the one/ Maybe you're the one."

However, in the "Sugar Daddy" music video, which premieres today on PAPER, Betsy paints a comedic picture that deepens and distorts the track's optimistic message. She plays a tragic, housewife-type character getting her makeup done — and armpits waxed — in a vintage dressing room.

Just like the ups and downs of a love affair, this transformation process isn't easy and, ultimately, leads to a look that screams small town pageant queen versus ravenous raccoon. Complete with a middle finger to cap off her statement, perhaps Betsy's "sugar daddy love" isn't as aspirational as her lyrics suggest.

"When you listen to the track you feel that it's about everything being rosey, so I wanted to show the flip side in the video," Betsy tells PAPER. "The video all started with Carmen, the director, saying, 'Do you really believe in the one?' I don't. From there, the idea of showing the ever changing tides of a relationship was conceived."

Stream Betsy's Sugar Daddy EP, below, which is the first time she's been this intimate across four diary-like tracks about everything from suicidal thoughts to loneliness and vulnerability.

Photos courtesy of Eivind Hamran