Kathy Griffin Compares Prince Harry to Armie Hammer

Kathy Griffin Compares Prince Harry to Armie Hammer

Kathy Griffin just made a pretty questionable comparison between Prince Harry and Armie Hammer.

For context, Netflix recently released the first half of its highly anticipated Harry & Meghan docuseries, which included the story about how the British royal met now-wife Meghan Markle over Instagram. But even though you'd expect most people in 2022 to not bat an eyelash over someone stumbling upon their potential partner online, the anecdote appears to have struck Griffin as so strange that she felt the need to compare the Duke of Sussex's use of social media to the way accused rapist Armie Hammer supposedly connected with the women he allegedly victimized.

On Sunday, the comedian — who's previously made fun of their philanthropy initiatives and Markle's comments on her Hollywood past — took to Instagram to post a video about how "disappointed" she was by the story of how the couple first met, saying that while she "loves" the two of them, she couldn't believe that "Prince Harry was just flipping through Instagram, looking for another hot brunette, like every other guy in LA."

"I thought this was gonna be a great love story. I mean, have they not watched 'The Crown'? Remember Elizabeth, where she was in love with the horse guy her whole life, right? But then she couldn't have him," she joked, referencing Netflix's fictionalized retelling of the royal family's romantic history, including the late Queen Elizabeth II's rumored relationship with a horse trainer and King Charles III's marriage to longtime lover, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

"And then [Princess] Anne was in love with, like, the military guy. And I mean, Jesus, even Chuck and Camilla, for God's sake," Griffin said. "But they met on Instagram."

She added, "Prince Harry's like Armie freaking Hammer!"

While the quip is framed as a joke about the two men's use of social media, Griffin went on to wonder what would happen "if Prince Harry is the new 'House of Hammer,'" in reference to the documentary about the Discovery+ docuseries about the disgraced actor and his family's legacy.

Granted, Griffin also clarified that the reason her "new favorite thing is to compare Prince Harry to Armie Hammer" was "because it makes no sense," likely because there's a big difference between seeing a photo of your future wife on a mutual friend's feed and having several women accuse you of sending them inappropriate messages involving cannibalism and rape fantasies on Instagram.

Harry and Markle have yet to respond to Griffin's posts. In the meantime, you can watch the comedian's post below.

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