Kathy Griffin Revisits NYE Feud with Andy Cohen

Kathy Griffin Revisits NYE Feud with Andy Cohen

As part of her apparent New Year's Eve tradition, Kathy Griffin is revisiting a five-year-old feud with her former boss Andy Cohen.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Griffin re-surfaced a 2017 clip of Cohen, who replaced her on CNN's New Year's Eve Live broadcast, which is co-hosted with Anderson Cooper. In the clip, the Real Housewives creator is asked about Griffin by TMZ, but pretends not to know who she is, saying, "I don't know her."

"Ugh. Every year someone sends me this clip around New Year’s Eve," Griffin wrote in her Instagram caption. "This guy was my boss for years. Decided whether or not I worked at Bravo. Can you imagine seeing your ex boss on TMZ like…this? Ouch!"

Griffin was initially fired from CNN's year-end show in 2017 for her controversial photoshoot portraying a decapitated, bloody head of Donald Trump. Despite apologizing for the stunt at the time, she brought the photo back in 2020 in time for the most recent election.

Griffin ended her post about Cohen by noting that she would be watching Miley Cyrus' New Year's Eve Party, co-hosted with Dolly Parton, instead of the CNN broadcast. "Anyway, I can’t wait to watch Miley and Dolly tonight. 🔥🔥⚡️," she added.

Photo via Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez