Good Neighbours Are Coming Up 'Daisies'

Good Neighbours Are Coming Up 'Daisies'

Jul 09, 2024

Brace yourself, America; Good Neighbours are coming.

The UK band have been bringing their high-octane sets and feel-good tracks to venues worldwide, and now they’re kicking off a fall tour with stops in Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles and more. In February, they dropped their debut single “Home,” which has amassed 277 million streams and counting), made it to No. 26 on the UK’s official singles chart, debuted at 77 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and found viral success as fans use it to soundtrack their TikTok videos.

Earlier this week, they dropped their single, “Daisies,” a track that, according to Oli Fox, started with a voice note. “It was right at the beginning of when we were writing,” he tells us of the message Scott Verrill sent him. “Usually, I’ll be sending Scott murmurs of me singing. This was the first one he sent, which was basically the first voice melody all the way through to the chorus. It was produced as well. I remember cycling home and hearing it and being like, ‘Fuck, we need to write this as soon as we can.’”

At the time, Fox thought Verrill was saying “I look so good I could cry,” on the track. “I though it was a cool concept if you could flip it to something that wasn’t egotistical,” Fox adds. “Then we found the follow up line of ‘I see myself in your eyes.’ It felt like something really cool I’d never heard before especially sung so unapologetically.”

They wrote it in an afternoon, a chill organic process that you can hear and feel in the song’s production. “Oli totally flipped it into this self-love thing,” Verrill says. “It feels free and euphoric and a lot more uplifting than the music that’s been around the past couple years.”

The band has plans to release an official video, but they decided to share the track with visuals from their live performance, a way to show the world what their fans have been experiencing at their gigs. “People always came up to us after the gig and to say, ‘Wow, that lifted the room.’ It was nice to hear that people had such a physical response to it. We wanted to put that out online to show people a little bit of what a Good Neighbours show looks like. That’s when we’re having the most fun is when we’re on stage. It’s a special experience for everyone who comes to see us, it’s really joyous. I feel like we captured that nicely, especially for the most joyous song of the set. Hopefully more people will want to see us live now.”

“On ‘Daisies,’ we’ve played it and people have already known the words to the chorus,” Verrill says. “We were in Australia playing songs we haven’t released, and people are still singing along.”

Fox describes being on stage as an incomparable moment. “That’s the one time you can feel the love... not through your phone,” he says. “As soon as we jump on stage we hear people screaming and it’s like ‘Oh shit! People really know us not just a username.’”

Speaking of high-energy shows, the band is more than ready to show off their sonic skills in the US. “What sets us apart is sheer energy,” Fox tells us. “We bring a festival show to every stage. It’s bombastic. It’s a house party on stage. Lots of sing-a-long bits. It’s us and our mates from London on stage, we are just having pure fun when we’re out there. Very sweaty and fun.”

Photos courtesy of Good Neighbours