Glossier and WNBA Are the Dream Team

Glossier and WNBA Are the Dream Team

by Kevin Martinez

Athletes' bodies go through a lot. Constant exertion, and exhaustion, mean the need for a proper, dedicated skincare routine is of the utmost importance.

In its latest campaign for the ongoing Body Hero collection, NYC-based beauty company, Glossier, tapped the WNBA — for its first-ever beauty partnership — continuing the brand's mission to celebrate all bodies. In the 30-second clip, athletes including Stefanie Dolson, Kalani Brown and Gabby Williams discuss overcoming narrow beauty standards and embracing their bodies, because "You deserve this."

Unsurprisingly, the internet was thrilled to see the WNBA partnering in the beauty space — a huge win for sporty sisters everywhere.

As part of the campaign, Glossier also unveiled two new products: a dry-mist body oil and an exfoliating soap bar — both essential in this current corona climate. Visit to shop Body Hero and "treat your body right."

Photo courtesy of Glossier