We Finally Know What Glossier Play Is

We Finally Know What Glossier Play Is

After weeks of hinting and teasing,Glossier has launched its ultra mysterious brand, Glossier Play, and we finally know what it's all about. The beauty start-up known for its au naturale aesthetic is pegging Play as a makeup brand of "dialed-up beauty extras," which may come as a surprise to fans who were expecting it to be a collection of "sex toys."

Starting with a modest collection of four primary products that come in 28 shades, Play is being positioned as the colorful counterpart of the otherwise minimalist cult beauty label. The brand will also be debuting a full-fledged campaign to accompany the launch starring the likes of pop star Troye Sivan, and 21-year-old Donte Colley, known for his motivational dance moves on Instagram. "Proud to launch our campaign today," Sivan said on Instagram.

The beauty products include Vinylic Lip (a high shine lacquer,), Colorslide (a technogel eye pencil), Glitter Gelée (multigrade paillettes glitter gek) and Niteshine ( a highlighter concentrate).

The collection also features The Detailer, which is a custom-made applicator for Glitter Gelee. The products come within a relatively affordable price bracket ranging between $14 – $20, with the exception of The Detailer, which is priced at $6.

Alternatively, if you're tempted to sample all the products, you can also build your own "Playground" which would include the entire range, along with The Detailer and The Blade (a sharpener for the Colorslide), in the colors of your choice.

"Our team has been working on Glossier Play for over two years, obsessively nerding out over formulas, searching the world (literally) for the best materials, and finessing shades until they were just right," the brand said in a press release. "With Glossier Play, you'll find colors you've never seen before, luxurious textures that move with you, and products that breath excitement back into your makeup routine. Glossier Play isn't about a certain look, it's about having fun in whatever moment you're in."

Shop the entire Glossier Play collection here.

Photo via Instagram