Ina Garten Is Now a Glossier Beauty Influencer

Ina Garten Is Now a Glossier Beauty Influencer

This just in, Ina Garten loves Glossier. The author and founder of Barefoot Contessa may have little patience for a sub-standard bunch of cilantro or pre-grated parmesan, but she has now declared going for a store-bought Glossier lip gloss is "fine."

The frankly stunning admission comes from a recent Instagram post, where the Food Network host confessed she physically went into the Glossier store and picked up not one but eight different shades of the brand's popular, lip balm dotcom.

"Loved my visit today," she captioned the post, adding that the lip balm collection is "delicious." Her favorite? Birthday Balm with "a little glitter." "Don't we all need a little glitter after the holidays," she wrote. Okay, taste.

But let's face it, Garten rarely approves of anything. So naturally, people wondered if the post was genuine or pure #SponCon. "This doesn't sound like you! But I am here for it," one fan wrote.

Another straight up asked, "Is this sponsored Ina? Jw, I highly value your opinion." But she was quick to clarify, "No! I never promote anything so I can just share what I love! Xxxx."

Is there anything better than Ina Garten, the beauty influencer?

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