School's in Session: A Lesson in 'Euphoria High' Style
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School's in Session: A Lesson in 'Euphoria High' Style

by Kenna McCafferty

Gone are the days of wholesome ponytails and polka dots for back-to-school style. With season two of Euphoria in full swing, the internet is reimagining the high school show's notorious fashion choices... and leaving very little to the imagination.

The "Euphoria High" trend, which @ellio_spaghettio first started on TikTok, plays off cast members' supposed high school wardrobes, and calls on BBL baddies, alt-kids and fashionistas to show how they'd dress for Euphoria's unhinged halls (be it a drug drop or Algebra I).

@ellio_spaghettio heard someone brought a backpack last week and got curbstomped by the principal #euphoria ♬ And why arent you in uniform - No context Spongebob

In its early iterations, students of “Euphoria High” slowly board the school bus before the sound of Squidward's voice asks, “And why aren’t you in uniform...” to which they begrudgingly sulk off-screen and re-appear dressed head-to-toe in nearly nothing.

Next came the teachers, principles and even... Guy Fieri.

TikTok eventually evolved the trend to incorporate skits reimagining student life and curriculum at a school like in Euphoria, where there isn’t a backpack insight and text books are more frequently used to stash drugs than study.

"Euphoria High" has even spread beyond TikTok, finding humor in the hyper-glamour of celebrity culture, and reimagining, for example, Kanye West and Julia Fox as the patron-parents of an enrolled student.

So it’s time to hit the books and go to work on your best "Euphoria High" fit.

Photo via TikTok/ @kenzocole