Guy Fieri Breaks Down His Iconic Look

Guy Fieri Breaks Down His Iconic Look

by Bailey Richards

Guy Fieri — yes, the Mayor of Flavortown himself — just graced the cover of PEOPLE, and the legendary host, meme and officiate of gay weddings broke down his instantly recognizable look from head to toe.

He explained why we (sadly) haven’t seen him in his iconic button-down since the iconic image — you know the one — first emerged. The fiery top was a uniform at his now-closed California restaurant, Tex Wasabi, in the early 2000s.

“We had several of our staff wear a flame shirt, that's where that picture came from,” Fieri told PEOPLE. “Someone got it, somebody ran with it. But it's hysterical, don't get me wrong.”

He also explained that he wears his glasses on the back of his head not to make a statement of any kind, but rather because it’s practical, adding that he doesn’t have any “fashion sense.”

But whether or not he wants to acknowledge it, Fieri has maintained an unwavering sense of personal style for decades. He established his signature look long before his TV debut, which he has now rocked on several shows, including over 40 seasons of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and his newest hosting venture, Guy's Ultimate Game Night.

"People think I got tattoos and bleached my hair because I was going to be on TV," the legendary host told PEOPLE. "I made those great decisions before I got here."

And the blond tresses that earn him descriptions like Kristen Stewart’s “sweet, sweet, spiky-headed man”? They were the result of Fieri giving his hairdresser pal full creative control of his head on one fateful day and — surprise! — the look just stuck.

Despite carrying Food Network, Flavortown and the internet on his back, Fieri remains humble. He’s a just family man who’s happy to be along for the ride and wants to give back whenever he can.

“I wanna make a positive impact,” he told PEOPLE. “When it’s all over, I just hope people say, ‘Guy was good for mankind.’”

Photo courtesy of Timothy Norris/Getty