In what surely is the greatest collision of two of the most ridiculed brands of all time, Coachella is now suing hipster-haven Urban Outfitters for trademark infringement. What a happy, happy day.

As reported by LA Weekly, Coachella alleges that Urban Outfitters' brand Free People used 'Coachella' for product names and descriptions, because what else do you call a flower crown or a faux suede vest other than 'Coachella swag'? H&M are the only clothing company that is currently permitted to use the Coachella name because they obviously paid a whole lot of money to do so, so naturally they're seeking all the profits from the Urban Outfitters sales as "damages".

The music festival also claims they sent Urban Outfitters a cease-and-desist last year which the brand clearly ignored because they had a whole market of upper middle-class white girls who would only invest in a floor length cardigan shawls if they could pass it off as weekend one Vanessa Hudgens-chic.

It's a cruel world.

[h/t Pitchfork]
Image via Benjamin Lozovsky/

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