Cardi B Ends Her Month-Long Twitter Hiatus

Cardi B Ends Her Month-Long Twitter Hiatus

By Jen Hussein

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally come: Cardi B has made her triumphant return to Twitter.

The rap mogul ended her break from the social media platform on March 18 to promote her upcoming album. She then went on to tweet per usual, pronouncing her love for her man and fellow rapper Offset, Chick-fil-A, and her love for New York, until she broke the silence on her reasoning for leaving Twitter in the first place.

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"Reason why i took a break from twitter is cause people are so negative and disgusting here," Cardi tweeted on March 20. "I had to log off,to much negativity is not good for the soul. It be people that don't fuck with me to be the first ones under my tweets LIKE WHO SEND YOU?"

We hear you loud and clear, Cardi, social media can be a vicious bitch. But it's glad to have you and your tweets about winter car farts back in action.

Photography: Eric T. White