Watch Raja Rescue the Holidays in Lake Bell's Cannabis-Infused Digital Short

Watch Raja Rescue the Holidays in Lake Bell's Cannabis-Infused Digital Short

Michael CubyDec 01, 2022

Agh, the holidays! A time for family and friends to come together to eat, drink and be merry. But what happens when drinking takes the “merry” out of the season? As much as alcohol is the life of the party, it can just as often be the elixir of death. What goes up must soon come down — and when the initial buzz wears off, where are we left? Lazy, irritable and bored?

Such is definitely the case for “Jane” (Frances Ha star Mickey Sumner), the main character of new holiday-themed short A Cann-Do Holiday. Jointly presented by #1-selling THC-infused beverage company Cann and Jane, the cannabis industry’s largest marketplace, the festive film takes viewers on an immersive journey, showing just how much alcohol can bring down the party — and just how much Cann’s “cannabis in a can” can liven things back up.

Written and directed by Bless This Mess co-creator Lake Bell, the new short opens with Jane excitedly headed to a holiday family gathering. Except, once she’s seated at the table, overflowing with bountiful food and even more plentiful alcohol, none of the expected good cheer is to be found. Instead of a lively celebration, Jane finds herself surrounded by people banging on tables, bawling their eyes out and incessantly bickering amongst each other.

Thankfully, she’s beckoned by a mysterious figure in another part of the house. Played by RuPaul’s Drag Race’s dazzling season three winner Raja Gemini, the “Fairy God Cann” presents Jane with a can of Cann, and, soon, her mood is noticeably lifted. After a quick mobile order through Jane’s new cannabis shopping app, Jane gets Canns for everyone (delivered to her doorstep), and, before long, a party previously cursed by tension and bad vibes has been transformed into a celebration thriving on love, laughter and carefree dancing. A little microdose can go a very long way, especially during the holiday season.

For the campaign, Cann and Jane gathered up an enviable cast full of hilarious queer talent, including Hacks star Meg Stalter, Queer as Folk’s Benito Skinner, Empire breakout Bre-Z, and Big Mouth comedian Brandon Kyle Goodman. “Casting a majority queer and BIPOC campaign that isn’t being released during Pride season signals the Cann brand’s evolution beyond typical intersectional queer normalization narratives, and a reinforcement that true diversity and inclusion involves having a seat at every table — at all times during the year,” says Cann co-founder Luke Anderson. “Especially these tense family gathering tables where LGBTQ+ people have been told time and time again that they don’t belong as they are.”

Whether you are returning home to spend the holidays with your family or are throwing a party of your own with your closest friends, Cann and Jane want to remind you that there’s a better way to get in the holiday spirit without breaking out the (toxic) spirits — alcohol isn’t the only way to loosen up. If you’re looking for a nice social buzz without the naughty side effects of alcohol, download the Jane app or visit and order the real holiday miracle: cannabis in a can. This holiday season, we’re getting lifted — without the hangover.

This article is a sponsored collaboration between CANN and PAPER