BIMBA Y LOLA Collaborates With Artists to 'Spread Love'

BIMBA Y LOLA Collaborates With Artists to 'Spread Love'

by Hedy Phillips

In a declaration of love and creativity, BIMBA Y LOLA has partnered with a group of artists to produce ceramic pieces for their new #BimbayLolaLoves "Spread Love" collection. The 13 artists are part of APAMP (Asociación de Familias de Personas de Personas con Parálise Cerebral) and have crafted a number of sculptures to sell, with proceeds going to a non-profit organization of the artists’ choosing.

Artist PZ Today is the driving force behind this new venture, and conceptualized the story and directed the visuals, which star the artists themselves. BIMBA Y LOLA, a Spanish creative collective, features art and culture through fashion, but stepped into a different medium through this new initiative. In sharing the collection on social media and their website, BIMBA Y LOLA writes, "Love matters above all, and it must be shared and celebrated.”

The bright, colorful creations can be purchased through BIMBA Y LOLA. You can check out each piece on the website, as well as meet the artists behind the work. Plus, BIMBA Y LOLA put together a video of all of the artists working on their sculptures. Learn more about the #BimbayLolaLoves campaign here.

Photo courtesy of BIMBA Y LOLA