Aubrey Plaza Wrote a Movie

Aubrey Plaza Wrote a Movie

Everyone’s favorite monotone maven is making her own movie. In a cover story for British GQ, Aubrey Plaza confirmed she wrote and is set to direct a movie.

Equal parts Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus, Plaza promised the movie will traffic in all things strange, absurd and (somehow still) family-friendly. Her mind!

“I’m trying to fill the female Tim Burton slot,” Plaza said of the unnamed project to be produced by her company Evil Hag Productions.

That’s a pair of clown-sized stilettos we didn’t know we needed to be filled. Maybe Plaza will even take it a step further and actually cast POC.

Plaza also recently reimagined the historically male role of James Bond in Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, where she put both a feminine twist on the gun-toting, martini-drinking icon, and, apparently, her hands on Jason Statham’s ass.

“If I’m the female Bond, what does Bond do?” Plaza asked of GQ writer Pheobe Reilly. “Bond gets the girl. Bond is objectifying everybody and also being a badass. So I objectified Statham the whole time. Literally slapping his butt. I think they were all scared of me. Like, who is this girl who’s coming in so hot?”

Plaza did not offer any more details on her movie project or on the firmness of Statham's butt.

She did stoke some other irons in her fire, mentioning her role in the upcoming Francis Ford Coppola film Megalopolis where she’ll act alongside Adam Driver, Forest Whitaker and Zendaya. We're also looking forward to her entrance into the all-consuming Marvel cinematic universe with a “really pivotal role” in the Wandavision spinoff, Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Plaza is perfectly rounding out an IMDb list as confounding as it is long. She really can do it all. Including being your daddy.

We’re still waiting for her to fill that role.

Photo courtesy of BFA/ Matteo Prandoni