Alexander Roth's NYFW Disposable Camera Diary

Alexander Roth's NYFW Disposable Camera Diary

Photography by Alexander Roth

You know what's rare? Photos of people actually having fun at fashion week. Between stony-faced front row portraits and staged street style shots, it's rare to find images of the shows and parties as they actually were: electric in energy and studded with stars, with everyone wearing literally the coolest clothes they own.

Maybe Manual NYC's minimalist disposable cameras are less intimidating than big paparazzo lenses, or maybe creative consultant and model Alexander Roth just has natural charm. Either way, his journeys into NYFW's most exclusive Spring 2020 events are way more candid than most. Anna Wintour cracks a sweet little smile, Kehlani and Normani put their arms around each other, the Euphoria cast relax and take it all in. Even Paris Hilton looks off guard!

"I wanted people to feel comfortable and be themselves when I'm taking photos," Roth explains. "You're sitting front row, let's have a good ass fucking time. I wanted it to be something reflective of my own personality, because I like to stay pretty positive."

Flick through his NYFW photo diary, below.

Photography: Alexander Roth