These Five Pot Products Will Get You in the Mood
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These Five Pot Products Will Get You in the Mood

by Sylvia Plant

We get it: it's the dead of winter in the middle of a global pandemic. You've probably been with limited human contact for longer than you'd care to consider. Still, whether your situation is plus one or plus none, you deserve to treat yourself this Valentine's Day. Now thanks to legalization, even the deepest libido lull is in luck. From an orgasmic lube to a maca-infused hemp patch fit for your inner Goop girlie, here are five cannabis aphrodisiacs in a variety of forms to suit any quell, desire or mood.


In the Willy Wonka/ Wild Wild West world of edibles, drops represent a new genre of scientific breakthrough (although, technically you could argue they're a curative rather than a comestible). This one has been bio-engineered to activate within 20 minutes or less, which makes it a game-changer, especially when used during sex. Smoking has its own graces (and lung-centric downsides) but who wants to run the risk of too much indica or sativa and veer into a stupor or frenzy of dysfunction? Meanwhile, chocolates and gummies are great but not necessarily a friend of spontaneity — you'll have to plan to take one an hour or two in advance and sometimes that's just not an option. For this reason, for its non-gendered applicability and for its attendant herbals (damiana for sensuality, catuaba for increased blood flow, ashwaganda for libido, theobromine for intensity), the Love Drop is our all around pick for anyone seeking higher love.


What ever-elusive female orgasm? Foria quite possibly renders such a thing obsolete. Tension, dryness and discomfort are soothed by the super-unctuous organic cannabis oil distilled in this pristine blend, which also enhances tactile sensations to the point that it's almost inevitably mentioned in any conversation among Angelenos on the topic of multiple climaxes. Free of toxins and pesticides, flavorless, odorless, discreetly bottled, exquisitely potent. Bonus, for those outside CA and CO, a CBD version of the lube offers heightened pleasure, if not quite on the exponential level of its THC counterpart. (Just be mindful, in both cases, that any oil-based material may damage latex condoms).


Of course, the Edie Parker packaging is cute. But in the world of cannabis, it's what's inside that counts — and never more-so than with a CBD potion meant to be spritzed and massaged on the vagina. For this same reason, the cinnamon and peppermint ingredients listed on the cheeky label might give pause. Thankfully, the CBD seems to moot any extreme tingling and the effect is a subtle yet sudden awakening of erogenous sensations with the added benefit of vaguely Cinnamon-bearish wafts. Warming and approachable, Sleepover Spray is the kind of sex perk you could easily give to yourself and to a friend, the kind with or without benefits, without coming on too strong. Literally and figuratively.


At first, the prospect of slapping a blaring brick red fabric square on one's wrist feels a little too obvious to be sexy. There's something terribly urgent and primal, however, about any substance delivered directly to the bloodstream, and thanks to its transdemalism, the patch not only kicks in nearly as quickly as the drop, it lasts up to 12 hours— longer than any other delivery format, with a steadier effect. A godsend for a long stormy day in, it invites a haze of languorous lustiness that lasts and lasts.


There is a downside to this edible THC body chocolate. For the time being, you have to live in Southern California to get your hands on a pot of it. But since Kamala gave cannabis her stamp of approval, ("I think we could all use a little more joy") it's within reason to imagine that quite soon the people may have their weed and eat it too. Off each other's bodies. Pourable, lickable and orgasm-centric, this THC treat tastes like a melted truffle and tantalizes every last sweet spot, wickedly.

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