You can always count on Glenn Martens to produce some sort of bizarre, viral creation at his fashion shows for Y/Project. (Remember janties? Those twisted thigh-high Ugg boots?)

His latest accessory also lit up social media this week as soon as they hit the runway and it's easy to see why. At his Spring 2023 men's show in Paris, Martens sent out models wearing surreal earrings in the shape of a hand with the middle finger fully extended.

The metal earrings served as the official teaser for the show, which included more experimental pieces like floating dresses suspended from invisible wiring, "rude baby" tops, trompe-l’oeil prints from his ongoing Jean Paul Gaultier collab and oversized Eiffel Tower embroideries.

"We really try to invite our customers to enjoy the garments and the game and play with it,” he told reporters backstage. The shownotes called the earrings "contemporary malice," part of the brand's ongoing exploration of irony in fashion.

Photos via Getty