Willy Chavarria Celebrates Latinx Power With 'CUT DEEP'

Willy Chavarria Celebrates Latinx Power With 'CUT DEEP'

by Willy Chavarria

The fire of Latino/ Latinx creators in the US has reached new levels of talent and visibility in recent years (and even months). With vision that pushes beyond the confines of cultural tradition, a surge of cutting-edge thinkers is creating a fresh perspective on fashion, music and more. Gallery shows such as Shattered Glass, music collectives like Papi Juice and creative spaces like Tlaloc Studios have culminated to create a movement that is transcending both art and pop culture. Going into 2022 and firing on all cylinders, POC creatives are not only commanding a seat at the table, but are at the head of it.

Marcus Correa is one brightly emerging star of this movement, who speaks his prose through creative direction and fashion styling. His latest work in collaboration with fellow photographer Carlos Jaramillo, aptly named CUT DEEP, is a cultural statement channeled through the classic barbershop poster.

For Black and Brown communities, the barbershop has long served as a communal space functioning as a common ground for conversation, expression and identity. These places act as an integral piece and microcosm of the ever-evolving Latinx identity in this country. Just as a barbershop serves a cohesive base of individual customers, Latino culture is a monolithic force comprised of a myriad of different backgrounds and experiences.

The project itself is comprised of 30 portraits and 30 full body looks, a visual representation of the sheer collective strength and beauty of the Latinx force which permeates, color, gender, sexuality, body type, age and, of course, hair. Traditionally and even currently, the term "Latinx" has been used as a catch all term to simplify what is an extremely nuanced and multi-dimensional culture. CUT DEEP visually contextualizes this digging deeper beyond Chicano, Mexicano or Latino to show the humans that define these terms and not the other way around.

Echoing the ethos of the Willy Chavarria brand, CUT DEEP goes beyond fashion and is rather a take on society. Whatever label you want to give to us and however you want to group us, we will continue to take it and redefine it. There is a creative and cultural Renaissance happening in Black and Brown spaces currently. In a time of historical transition and shift in the world, our communities are realizing our strength and utilizing it to shape our own narrative within this country.

We can take on whatever label is placed upon us: We are Latino/x/e, we are Chicanx, we are Mexicanx, we are immigrants, we are indigenous, we are educated, we are hood, we are punk, we are queer. We encompass the full gamut of American culture. We are the American culture.

CUT DEEP was created at Tlaloc Studios in Los Angeles in collaboration with Project Q, a Black and Brown-owned organization that provides free gender-affirming haircuts, hair color, and wigs to LGBTQIA+ folx dealing with housing insecurities. CUT DEEP posters are available on the Willy Chavarria site now for a limited time with 100% of proceeds benefitting the work of Project Q.

Creative direction: Marcus Correa
Styling: Marcus Correa
Photography: Carlos Jaramillo
Photography assistant: Luis Jaramillo
Styling assistant: Erica Campos
Hair: Madin Lopez and Project Q
Makeup: Martha Quintero
Grooming: Carla Perez
Co-production: Ozzie Juarez
Graphic Design: Paul Flores
Location: Tlaloc Studios